Transient Prevention & Network Management Specialists

Bespoke solutions for a harmonised and stabilised network. Reducing problems today and future proofing network assets for efficiency, cost saving, reduce customer complaints, carbon emissions.

We Believe 

We believe better understanding of networks from Advanced Pressure Management can deliver major cost-savings for water companies burdened with increasing supply demands, aging infrastructure and poor-quality assets.

Designed Network Solutions – Company Overview Profile

Designed Network Solutions Ltd (DNS) is a company that has been set up to offer complete technical solutions, design capabilities and advanced knowledge in industry products to prevent these issues.

DNS understands and redesigns networks which reduces production and maintenance costs, resulting in considerable savings for the utility. We have helped one water company save almost £250,000 in just 13 months. Electrical usages are also reduced, creating a greener solution for environmental issues. DNS design capabilities can be applied in the Water, Wastewater, Building, Industrial, Marine, Offshore and Gas industries.

To create a complete smart network, you must first have an infrastructure that can supply water from the source to the end user without any service issues. If the network is failing, it does not matter how smart and innovative it is. DNS, with its enhancement in network control and advanced product range, will not just deal with issues being faced today within aging infrastructures but will design changes that will improve the networks for generations to come.

Thames Water, Bournemouth Water, Northumbrian Water, Welsh Water and South West Water are all currently utilising our capabilities in the UK. Internationally Lagos Water in Nigeria have also implemented our technical design solutions, as well as design proposals have been submitted to Bangalore Water (BWSSB) in India to provide a 24/7 water supply to areas that are currently only receiving intermittent water supplies, whilst also dealing with their high leakage and burst frequencies.

What issues can we solve?

Using our autonomous hydraulic network modelling, we can understand your network, find solutions and supply the right bespoke products to create financially and environmentally efficient supply for your customers.

Stabilised pressure & flow

Reduced Leakage & burst frequency



Supply security

How It Works

DNS’s range of bespoke products and solutions that work in conjunction with the ICC (Intelligent Control Centre) and RCC (Regional Control Centre) requirements of network control, providing full autonomous control over all Transmission mains, DMZ’s or SMA’s areas and DMA’s, which can also be manually operated if required at any time.


Hydraulic modelling


Real-time monitoring equipment


Full autonomous transmission control

Our solutions reduce customer complaints, carbon emissions and extend the asset life of pumps, pipeline and valves.


  • Network Management and Hydraulic Design Modelling
  • Pressure and Leakage Control
  • Calm Network Solutions
  • Network Security of Supply Design
  • Surge and Water Hammer prevention
  • Transient Solutions
  • Full Network Autonomous Control
  • PLC and SCADA Control Advances
  • Power Generation solutions
  • Air Valve Design and Modelling
  • Water Quality Network Solutions

What Our Clients are Saying

“Portsmouth Water have been working with DNS for the past 6 months where they have provided Portsmouth Water with various network hydraulic designs in the aim to provide leakage saving and improved security of supply via the installation of pressure management valves which were provided by DNS.”

Martin Trust

Network Project Engineer

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